What’s your Jericho score? Sydney Bristow

We’ve been taking a journey for the last few weeks looking at our most popular western espionage icons and rating how they would do if dropped into a real life game of Jericho. We started with Jason Bourne and last week we covered Napoleon Solo. This week we’ll look at everyone’s favorite fake banker, Sydney Bristow.

Sydney burst onto the U.S. TV scene in the months following 9/11 on a show called Alias. She was a college kid recruited into a black ops section of CIA called SD-6, which wasn’t actually part of the CIA at all but a terrorist organization. She eventually worked for the real CIA as a mole to bring down SD-6 and later for two other spy organizations called The Covenant (not affiliated with HALO) and APO.  Enough back story, let’s jump into our analysis!

Stealth – Sydney is known for her disguises above almost everything else that Alias offered. She had the wig, the clothes, and the language skills to get close enough to bypass guards, fool guards, get the drop on guards, stun guards, and generally send every guard back to their boss with a look of pain and bewilderment. 90% of her costumes are a variation of hiding in plain sight by dressing like a bimbo, which usually works because the aforementioned guards always underestimate her until it’s too late. I have no doubt that Sydney would be invisible to anyone who is guarding the pickup and if she was waiting at the dropoff for you, you’d get whacked before you knew where she came from. Sydney gets 9 of 10 for stealth (She’d get 10 but I get the feeling that her cute shoes wouldn’t get her very far on the streets )

Combat – for the first dozen episodes of the series, Sydney took everyone out with her fists and feet of fury and only used guns to shoot inanimate object, like locks and windows. In season 2, she started actually killing people on purpose using a gun, at which point she got even more deadly. She still kicked butt in lots of mano y mano fights, but now she occasionally put two in the chest.  This is helpful because in Jericho, the fastest way to complete your mission is usually with your gun. Having some experience with a firearm goes a long way in her ratings. For combat, Syd gets 8 of 10 (she still relies on that roundhouse kick a bit much).

Teamwork – Sydney always has a partner on any assignment she’s sent on, whether it’s Dixon, her dad, Vaughn, or Renee. Everyone has distinct jobs and they support each other rather well for such a small team. We don’t ever quite see Sydney as part of a big group such as what you see in a typical game of Jericho, but it’s not a huge stumbling block. Based on what we can tell, Sydney gets 8 of 10 for teamwork.

Adaptability – If you were to ask her partner at SD-6 the most often heard phrase he remembers from any mission with Sydney, it would have to be, “Dixon, change of plans”. Things don’t always go according to plan but Sydney figures it out almost every time. She has the ability to think on her feet and change up her actions for every situation that happens when it surprises her. This is important for a game of Jericho because the plan almost never happens as you wanted. Thinking quickly on your feet and adapting means the difference between victory or defeat. For this category, agent Bristow gets 10 of 10.


So Sydney scores 35 out of 40. Our highest score yet, but is it the highest? Check back next week and find out!


Next week: John Drake AKA Danger Man!