What’s your Jericho score? Napoleon Solo

This is part three in a series of reviews that rate fictional spies on their abilities to play the real life spy game of Jericho. Last week we started by looking at Jason Bourne and this week, we’ll look at Napoleon Solo.

Napoleon is of course The Man From UNCLE, who appeared on US television from ’64 to ’68. Operating out of his secret New York headquarters, he thwarted plots and plans from many enemies, the most dangerous of which was THRUSH. So let’s look at how he stacks up!

Stealth – Typically, when you see Napoleon in any episode, He’s rockin the 60’s spy outfit; black suit, white shirt, black tie. It’s extremely rare to see him in a disguise the same way you see his partner Illya, who regularly disguises himself. As long as he’s in an urban setting, the suit does fine for a while, until the enemy picks up on him. If he was playing a real game of Jericho, for the first mission he’d blend in, but after that, everyone would look for the guy in a black suit. For this category, I’d give him 4 out of 10. It would be lower but occasionally, He disguises himself in a subdued guards uniform to infiltrate enemy locations.

Combat – Possessing one of the most iconic fictional spy weapons ever issued, Napoleon used UNCLE’s standard issue gun, simply called the “UNCLE special”. These guns were wielded frequently in the show with all sorts of accessories like clips and scopes. Mr. Solo could hold his own in a firefight and took out many enemies with the UNCLE gun. Knowing how to handle yourself when people are shooting at you is what can win the day. In a game of Jericho, I’d expect Napoleon to excel in a shootout. Mr. Solo gets 8 of 10 in combat.

Teamwork – Solo, contrary to his name, usually has at least his partner Illya wherever he goes. They also usually have at least one other civilian who is helping with their operation. Some missions he just disappears to let his teammates carry out the final part of the mission! Having seen him working with his partners, one could see him doing well with (and relying on)a team of agents on a Jericho mission. For this category I’d say he’s a 10 of 10.

Adaptability – Almost every affair that The Man from Uncle finds himself in never goes the way they want. In fact some operations don’t even have a complete plan. This just means that our UNCLE agent needs to improvise with frequent regularity. In a real life game of Jericho, adapting to changing conditions can make the difference needed to win. In adaptability, Napoleon gets 9 out of 10.

So Napoleon Solo gets 31 out of 40 (I’d give Illya 35). He was the spy TV standard of the 60’s because he was the 1st one on U.S. TV capitalizing on the spy movie craze.

Next week; Sidney Bristow!