What’s Your Jericho Score? Jason Bourne

Last week, we started looking at what would happen if fictional spies were thrown into a real world game of Jericho. What would happen? Could they survive? Would they prevail?

There’s a super long list of characters that we’re going to look at (everyone’s got a few favorites after over 60 years of pop cultural espionage).To make it so that we can compare apples to apples, or (UNCLE to MI6) there are four areas that we are going to score everyone on. To make it simple, we’ll score on a scale of 1 to 10. Check out last week’s post to get more details.

We are going to lead off the list with a recent addition to espionage, actually he’s only new in movies, his character has been around since 1980 when Robert Ludlum brought him to life. He even starred in a made-for-TV movie in 1988. His real name is David Webb but you know him as Jason Bourne. Without further introductions, let’s see how he rates.

Stealth – If you watch any of the three movies Jason is in, you’ll see lots of scenes of a guy in a black coat walking through the streets of some European city being chased by British, German, Spanish, and CIA agents or police. He rarely is seen dressed in anything else, even after they have identified him. He primarily uses vehicles to get away instead of deceiving them with a disguise. In a game of Jericho, even taking off your jacket can gain the upper hand because the enemy is primarily looking for that color, even if they don’t know it. For Stealth, I’d give Jason 3 out of 10 because he needs to at least change clothes and put a hat on once in a while.

Combat – Jason has almost spider-sense-like reflexes and instincts when engaged in combat or when he’s being hunted. He can handle any sort of weapon and can make almost anything into a deadly implement. If he was playing a Jericho game, and he spotted you before you spotted him, He’d take you out quicker than your finger could pull the trigger. Nobody does it better. Jason gets 10 out of 10 when it comes to Combat.

Teamwork – Quickly, name Jason’s partner in any movie. What’s the matter? Can’t quite remember her name? Yeah, that’s because she was just a plot device. Jason doesn’t need any help. He’s a one man band. He’s like Neo vs. 100 Agent Smiths. You can’t stop him.This may work well on screen, but being a one man army won’t get him too far in a game of Jericho, especially if he doesn’t do stealth very well. In Teamwork, Jason gets 2 out of 10. The only reason he doesn’t get a 1? Because he occasionally trusts that female co-star.

Adaptability – On the surface, it looks like Jason is the ultimate adapter; he always gets away, or always gets his man. I’d like to suggest that instead of being adaptable, Jason has a plan that is always the perfect plan. He is arrested when he allows it. He storms the fortress just exactly the way that works. This doesn’t mean he’s ever surprised by something his opponent does; he just plans out the next 20 moves when the situation arises and carries them out with flawless precision, and it works. How would this play out in a game of Jericho? Well first of all, let’s bring Jason back to reality. You can’t predict how everything will work out in any given mission in a Jericho game. In the real world, that car chase in Paris would have ended with him being creamed by a truck. He may be able to adapt his plans, but he’s never shown doing that. If some cop gets in his way in, he doesn’t re-strategize; he just takes that guy out and keeps going. I give Jason 5 out of 10 for adaptability.

So Mr. Bourne gets the unenviable job of starting off the series, and maybe we’ll revisit him after we look at our first dozen. For now, Jason gets 20 out of 40.

Next week, we visit the golden age of spying in the 60’s with The Man From Uncle himself, Napoleon Solo!