What’s your Jericho Score? Jack Bauer

Espionage!  The word conjures up all sorts of romantic images of super agents scuba diving with tuxedos under their wet-suits, infiltrating secret facilities to steal documents, planting bugs, romancing an unsuspecting guard/girlfriend, escaping danger with the help of some sort of gadget like a jet-pack, parachute or super car, etc. We’ve been looking at the secret agents who have performed these daring deeds and how they might perform if they were dropped into a game of Jericho. So far, Jason Bourne, Napoleon Solo, Sydney Bristow, and John Drake have all gone through the paces and this week We’re taking a look at the man who can get anywhere in L.A. in 20 minutes by car, Jack Bauer.

Agent Jack Bauer first came on the U.S. TV scene in the months following 9/11 with the show 24. As part of CTU which was a terrorist fighting government agency, Jack and his team thwarted many insanely intricate plots that involved political assassination, nuclear or biological bombs, and disasters. While this isn’t exactly espionage work in the sense that Jack was stealing secrets, he performed tons of counter intelligence work; catching moles, interrogating prisoners, infiltrating enemy organizations, and generally taking out bad guys. So let’s see what happens when we recruit JB to play Jericho with us.

Stealth – In some senses, Jack is a throwback to some of our 60’s secret agents, he dresses in casual street clothes in every episode, unless he puts on a flak jacket for an assault, and only changes clothes if they get shredded, burned, or bloody. He occasionally assumes a fake name, but if you know what he looks like, he shouldn’t be too hard to find when playing Jericho. Come to think of it, he might just be trying to start a fight by drawing you out (see Combat below). Out of 10, Jack gets a 2 for stealth.

Combat – This is the area where Jack is at the top of his game. With 224 kills to his name, he pretty much always comes out alive when everyone starts shooting. Jack is so good; he only brings his pistol to the fights that everyone else brings an assault rifle to. If Jack is coming for you, the only thing that will save you is a presidential order. 10 out of 10 for Jack in combat.

Teamwork – Jack is one of those guys that is sometimes a one-man-army and at other times is part of the team sent to take down the terrorists.  He usually is the point man on anything that is happening, but without his support team (e.g. Chloe, Tony, etc), he wouldn’t be able to do what he does.  If he is part of a plan that needs him to perform a specific task, he’ll do it without question. If you’re playing Jericho, Jack may volunteer to be Courier, but he’ll let his team do their job. Agent Bauer gets 8 out of 10 for teamwork. It would be higher, but he sometimes goes rogue (which usually leads to the CTU director’s death).

Adaptability – 24 is the ultimate Rube-Goldberg of terrorist plots. The day starts out with an assassination attempt, that Jack stops, only to find out that it’s really part of a nuclear bomb threat, that Jack stops, which turns out to be part of an attempt to start a drug war with Russia, that Jack stops, etc, etc. If Jack wasn’t adaptable, L.A. would have been nuked several times over, we would have at least a couple more presidential funerals to watch, war would be raging between the US and several large nations, and millions of civilians would be dead from some nasty virus, just to name a few of the milder consequences. 24 is really just an exercise in throwing as many flaming, explosive, & poisonous balls into the air to see just how many JB can juggle. In a game of Jericho, I’m pretty sure Jack could handle any twists you threw at him. Jack gets 10 out of 10 for Adaptability.

30 of 40. Pretty impressive, and not that surprising for a guy who saves the world one day at a time without taking a drink or going to the bathroom. I’d definitely pick him if I’m putting together a dream team.

Next week: IMF front man Ethan Hunt!