Whats your Jericho Score – Eggsy Unwin

Welcome back for the next Jericho candidate!

I restarted this series after seeing Atomic Blonde and realizing, “There are a lot of new spy characters to evaluate since I did this series 4 years!” Go back & see some of the original posts about the biggest and brightest espionage characters I evaluated including Jason Bourne, Napoleon Solo, Sydney Bristow, Jack Bauer, and Ethan Hunt. This week, we’re visiting a young British lad who was inducted into a secret society of spies called Kingsman.

We’re talking of course about Eggsy who is the main character of Kingsman: The Secret Service which was in theaters in 2015. The movie is based on a Mark Millar comic book of the same name and features a young british 20-something named Eggsy who is leading an unfocused existence stealing cars, hanging out with his friends, and being an all around loser. Eggsy’s dad was a Kingsman, a secret and private British intelligence agency, but was killed when he was a young boy. He is inducted into their program  after he calls a number on the medal of his dads that he wears around his neck from jail. The movie shows his origin, training and first mission, which of course is to save the world! So let’s see how he stacks up!

Stealth – Like so many of the 60’s spy role models Kingsman was patterned after, Eggsy is always sharply dressed. After he finishes training, we don’t see him in anything except a suit (ala James Bond) His big mission at the end of the movie requires him to impersonate his old boss, so he shows up to the villains mountain lair in a really expensive suit carrying a fake ID. Much like Simon Templar, or Napoleon solo, stealth for Eggsy is defined by how sneaky he could be in NOT being seen by the guards. In a real game of Jericho, Eggsy wouldn’t fare much better than most other 60’s spies after he’s played one mission for 10 minutes. We’ll give him 2 of 10 for Stealth.

Combat – In his only on screen firefight, Eggsy quite handily dispatches wave after wave of  camouflage clad henchmen in a running firefight through the halls of Valentine’s mountain lair. I can only assume in a Jericho firefight that Eggsy would be able to handle himself admirably against overwhelming odds (if he can get close enough without being seen!) Eggsy gets 8 of 10 for Combat. It would be a 10, but we don’t allow umbrellas as shields!

Teamwork – We get to see Eggsy really work together with only a few people at the end of the movie. In a typical Jericho game, you really need to have teammates that you depend on to carry out their part of the plan to win the day, and we do see that in a limited fashion. I say limited because pretty much Roxy & Merlin are only there to be support for Eggsy on the other end of his earpiece, as he single-handedly foils the bad guys. Merlin helps him out by “hacking a chip” in a perilous moment, but really doesn’t contribute much else (keeping the plane running?). Roxy has a part to play taking out a satellite, but is basically useless. Based on what we see, Eggsy is placed front & center in the movie and does take down valentine (and the rest of the evil staff), but he doesn’t seem like the type to need to win a mission all by himself. For teamwork, The newest Kingsman gets 6 of 10.

Adaptability – Eggsy does have a couple brilliant scenes where he quickly figures a problem out in in real time. The skydiving scene, the showerhead scene, and the death of Arthur first come to mind. Eggsy thinks quickly on his feet as things go wrong around him and I would surmise that the same would go for him if he were playing a Jericho game (which never goes the way you plan!).  For Adaptability, I’ll give him a 9 of 10.

So we see a unique modern upgrade on the 60’s spy character which usually ranked below the more modern spies. Eggsy has high combat skills, which accounts for the classical shortcomings of all his role models, and he’s a better team player, which raises his score as well. 25 of 40 is decent, but might just change when his sequel (Kingsman: The Golden Circle) comes out in late September.  We’ll revisit him afterwards to see if it does!


Next week: Elizabeth & Phillip Jennings…The Americans!