What’s your Jericho score – Atomic Blonde

Back in 2013 we looked at the biggest and brightest espionage characters that have passed through our collective western consciousness over the last 50 years including Jason Bourne, Napoleon Solo, Sydney Bristow, John Drake, Jack Bauer, and Ethan Hunt. We examined their careers, evaluated their abilities, and hypothesized how each of them would do if we dropped them into a real-world game of Jericho. Now it’s time to add some new names to the roster to see how the new kids stack up against the classic lineup. This week, we’re visiting a woman who blasted onto movie screens last month in a shot of cold war adrenaline…Lorraine Broughton the Atomic Blonde.

Lorraine came to life in a graphic novel titled The Coldest City in 2012, which is what the Atomic Blonde screenplay was adapted from. We’ll be basing this review on the character played by Charlize Theron in the movie. Let’s see how she stacks up! (Spoiler alert!)

Stealth – Lorraine spends basically the whole movie as a peroxide blonde that can only do one of two things, hide in plain sight or pull a hoodie over her shockingly blonde hair, so she’s not instantly recognized from behind. She does have a moment of brilliance when she puts on a brown wig to get past a border post into East Berlin. How the KGB spots her, we don’t know but it was way too quick.  She also wears a black wig at the end of the movie, when meeting with the Russians in Paris, but it seems to be just a costume and not meant to deceive anyone (maybe the hotel clerk would give a wrong description of the woman who painted the walls in blood?). She obviously prefers to go high profile in most situations (maybe because she is relying on her combat skills to get herself out of a jam?). I get the sense that if Lorraine were playing Jericho, she’d probably show up as a blonde, try being a brunet for one mission, and then just be a blonde with zero clothing changes for the other missions. In all, I’d say Lorraine gets 6 of 10 for Stealth.

Combat – Lorraine is a Badass. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. She can fight her way out of any situation either by shooting everyone, defenestrating herself (my favorite word for throwing someone out a window!), or using those high heels to devastating effect (on or off!). Basically, if Lorraine wants you dead, you better run. In a game of Jericho, she’d probably be a little handicapped since she is only allowed to use a gun to kill someone, instead of whatever is just lying around (hose, freezer, keys, etc.). Or maybe she would just have an extraordinarily high number of Bang kills… either way, the Atomic Blonde gets 9 of 10 for Combat.

Teamwork – Lorraine is a one-woman solution to MI-6’s problems and she is obviously used to working alone. She’s been told to trust no one (do you really have to remind her?) so even when she has allies, she won’t allow them to help. She does make a friend in East Berlin who makes some documents and orchestrates her escape with spyglass, but in the end, it still comes down to Lorraine riding an elevator to the top floor of a building to take out eight bad guys.  In a game of Jericho, she would probably volunteer to be the lone Courier who tries to make the drop, but would eventually be blindsided in the drop-off shootout. Ms. Broughton gets a 3 out of 10 for teamwork.

Adaptability – Basically Lorraine’s cover is blown from the moment she sets foot in Berlin and she is fighting KGB & cops the rest of the movie. Everywhere she goes, the bad guys are waiting for her or are foiling her plans. She makes the best of the bad situations (cue Father Figure and turn up the volume) and for the most part, she comes out on top, even though she has scars to show it. If you drop her into a real-life Jericho game, my guess is that she’ll figure out what to do when half the team is taken out at the pickup and the Courier is AWOL. Overall, Lorraine gets 9 out of 10 for adaptability.

So, Lorraine gets 27 of 40. It may not be the highest score, but that’s pretty good! She needs help with her blending in, but besides that (just walk a few yards behind her and wait for the other team to go after her!) I’d want her on my team any day.

What do you think about this score? Do you have a different view? Let me know!

Next week: Gary “Eggsy” Unwin…The Kingsman!