What’s your Jericho Score – The Americans

Welcome back for this week’s Jericho evaluation! This is part of a series dating all the way back to 2013 that imagines how a famous spy might do if they were drafted to play a real-life Jericho game here in San Francisco (or anywhere else!) Go back & see some of the new posts with the latest spy characters like Eggsy (Kingsman) & Lorraine (Atomic Blonde) and the original series with the biggest and brightest espionage characters from the last 50 years including Jason Bourne, Napoleon Solo, Sydney Bristow, et al. This week, we’re going back in time to visit a couple of Soviet illegals who snuck into the U.S. in the 60’s, raised a family together, and hit their stride in the mid 80’s. We’re talking of course about Elizabeth & Phillip Jennings, The Americans.

The Jennings are a couple of Soviet NOC agents that live in Washington D.C. illegally with their teenage kids. Their story is set in the early 1980’s and they carry out A LOT of secret missions for the KGB. In fact, they live a life that is completely impossible for a real illegal. They’ve gone through more disguises & band-aids than a Halloween store near a rocky beach. And don’t get me started about the body count! Let’s see how they do!

Stealth – almost every single show has one or the other or both Liz & Phil going out in public to recruit an asset, clear a dead drop, or kill a target. Every time they do, they are wearing the most amazing disguise you’ll ever see and most of them are so good, you’ll never know it. We aren’t ever shown how they don their disguises, but I’m assuming that they can do it by themselves in a few minutes. If that is the case, these two could change their look almost seamlessly. Add that to the “couple factor” which usually drops both players off the radar so they can move anywhere unseen, and these two would be ghosts in a Jericho game. They get 10 of 10 for Stealth.

Combat – We don’t really see either Elizabeth or Phillip get into an open firefight on the show, so we don’t know how they would handle themselves in a shootout at the drop-off. They usually kill their unarmed quarry up-close (because of their disguise) with a silenced pistol. They are also deadly in a fistfight, but hand-to-hand eliminations are not allowed in a Jericho game. A point in their favor, the number of people who have ever been on their kill list that are still alive is vanishingly small. In a Jericho game if they can get close enough and they can recognize their target, that guy will probably be toast. For Combat, the commies get a 7 of 10.

Teamwork – There aren’t many spy teams that work together as seamlessly as the Jennings. They raise & deceive two children, manage contacts, juggle murders & dispose of bodies together without hardly a misunderstood word or gesture between them. If you could have one Jennings each in two different parts of your team, coordination would be seamless & perfect. For teamwork, Mr. & Mrs. Jennings get 9 of 10.

Adaptability – Liz & Phil are always thinking on their feet when a hit goes bad or a contact blows the whistle or the feds are sniffing at their door. They usually don’t have everything all planned out, so there is a certain part of every plan that can (and does!) go wrong. That makes a good story! My guess is that the same would go for them while playing a Jericho game. Make a plan, watch the plan fall apart, adjust, prevail! For Adaptability, I’ll give our comrades 9 of 10.

These two would be a potent addition to any Jericho game! A couple who can become anyone and blend into any crowd, kill everyone they target, adapt to most situations, and acts as one can literally dominate every Jericho mission they play. 35 of 40 is the highest score we’ve ever seen, and yet also the same score as two other agents, Ethan Hunt & Sydney Bristow! It’s not a huge shocker, considering how people love all of these spy story franchises. Jericho was born of the desire to become one of these types of agents, so the fact that these agents do so well can’t be a total coincidence. I wonder how the veteran Jericho players would do in an Americans episode?


Next candidate: Mr. Wick, Leon, Vincent, The Jackal, Agent 47, all of them…we’re doing every hitman ever!