We are down, but not out!

Add March 2020 to the “Crazy, But True!” stories we will talk about with our grandchildren! As you probably already guessed, Foxhound will not be running any Jericho games until the Wuhan Virus dies. Conservative estimates have given this anywhere from one to five months until that happens. Yow!

I’m sure that when it’s all over, everyone will be itching to get out in the world and live life to the fullest, which means playing spy games! When that day comes, we are happy to help make those plans with you! We do have gift cards that can be purchased now and then redeemed at a later date and as always, private events are always an amazing way to have a customized spy event wherever you wish. No harm in talking with us now!

With everyone confined to their home, we’re seeing that parents want to get out of the house & do something, so we had an idea! We are unveiling a new type of spy adventure that is designed for the younger agents in the family. Intended for kids aged 5-11, parents will be able to download a week long set of daily missions, one hour long, played in the car as they drive around the city. Missions might range from counting all the green cars in a certain parking lot, following a bus for a couple of miles, or taking pictures of landmarks. There’s lots of intrigue and suspense just waiting for kids every day as they try to thwart the agents of mediocrity! The first operation is one week long and more will follow on a regular schedule. BTW, we’re calling this the St. Francis Spy Agency! Stay tuned for more info in the next few days!

That’s all for now. Stay safe! Stay positive!