Psst… you wanna be a Pavement Artist?

To say that Covid has changed everything would be the understatement of the year!

Foxhound ran one last game of Jericho (Operation Mayday) the weekend before the national shutdown in March and that was it. We shut down all Jericho games and Jericho Meetups until we could flatten the curve. It hasn’t exactly worked out the way we envisioned. Since that moment of closing, Foxhound has been looking for other ways to keep the lights on while making spy adventures for people like us.

its for the kids…

Some highlights from the last 6 months include:


Starting a new family focused project called St Francis Spy Agency to create Covid-safe spy adventures for families with school kids via downloadable PDF’s.


Finding a way to host digital games of Jericho (called Jericho-in-exile) inside the world of Grand Theft

digital surveillance for a digital game!

Auto Online. These games have been free and open to anyone with the game on their PC. We have been playing every two weeks since August. (Seriously though, hanging with agents from our meetup and playing Jericho like this has been the biggest source of relaxation and sanity throughout this whole lock-down for me)

ding dong!


Starting to rent our Laser Tag guns in a door-to-door delivery service for the SF Bay Area.


The biggest venture we have ever launched, Pavement Artists Commonwealth.

PAC is intended to be the depository of all the tactical & strategic expertise from the last 30 years of urban espionage and put it into regular players hands. We are using the SubscribeStar platform to host our content and we’ll regularly be making videos discussing things like “The 5 best Nerf guns for Jericho” or “How to spot a tail” or even, “How to avoid becoming a victim of urban predators”.


We also are going to continue hosting digital Jericho-in-Exile games twice per month, which we would love to have you join! There will also be monthly physical Jericho games (IRL), when SF starts to crawl out of its shell. And to put it over the top, how about a Spy movie watch party every month?

We have broken everything down into three simple price tiers that have been designed to give you the most bang for your buck and scratch for that espionage itch. If you have enjoyed our Spy games over the years and would like to see more (or play more) of them in the future, please check out the Pavement Artists Commonwealth and join us on the journey!

Looking forward to spying with you soon,

—The Chief (Shannon)