Ten years & 1000 miles later

So here we are on the other side of our 10th anniversary weekend and it was glorious! We played so much Jericho on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, I needed to take the next three days off! We played three Nerf gun games, three Laser-tag games, met lots of new agents, and were reunited with many old spies that have been out of action for a season.

This Courier just won a L.E. Nerf gun!

Friday kicked it all off with a Jericho game designed by yours truly. This was a Nerf based Jericho game made for the Meetup group we sponsor which means, lots of seasoned Jericho agents. These people don’t mess around and they are far more accomplished than me! I designed the missions so that we would visit some of the classic locations in San Francisco we have visited in the last decade that are fun & interesting. I brought some prizes to give away to successful Couriers, or Courier Killers and we also minted lapel pins for everyone who played all weekend long. The night turned out to be a blast with lots of shootouts, drama, deception, heroism, vengeance, and rookies won two out of three 10th anniversary blasters!

Saturday during the day, we played 2 one-hour missions that were a preview of our newest operation (Grand Slam) with two groups of old and new agents. We played with the laser-tag guns in satchels and everyone had a ton of stories to tell from that one small hour before the timer expired.

Saturday night we played another Nerf based game designed by one of the Foxhound crew, Ryan. I was super excited about this game because I didn’t know any details about it, which is super rare ( I usually design the Meetup games). I was ready for anything and even brought my best disguise! I also had three more chrome 10th anniversary Nerf guns to give away. I got to play with old agents who haven’t been around in a while, current vets, and of course, brave newbies. All the swag guns were given away to end three great personal stories and I got to wreak havoc with my new disguise. In typical fashion, we invaded Super Duper to end the evening telling tales of victory & woe!

Sunday afternoon started with a gift! One of our meetup regulars presented me with a suitcase to commemorate the ten-year celebration. Inside was a Nerf pistol and a recording (Ala Mission Impossible!).  Now this wasn’t just any pistol, it was an exclusive Out of Darts Jupiter blaster which can fire 8 shots in one second…Perfect for an ambush! I’m humbled and grateful for this token of gratitude. I’m also looking forward to using it on the person who gave it to me!

Back to Sunday…We played one last Laser-tag mission, (with some crossover from meetup agents) and made some fond espionage memories. We then then jumped into the last Nerf game. This one was designed by Yoshi, another one of the Foxhound crew, and it wove us into the tapestry of North Beach & Fisherman’s Wharf. Lots of stories were played out in those missions and I got to be on offense all three missions, which kept everyone on their toes! We ended up giving away the last three 10th anniversary guns, passed out the last few commemorative pins, and then we retired to an empanada restaurant to revel in our exploits!

Something around that corner?

What else can I say? I am so thankful for all the amazing people who have came out & played with us over the years! This last decade has been an amazing ride bringing spy games to the San Francisco Bay Area! I’ve literally interacted with thousands of fun loving individuals and armed hundreds of offices with foam flinging weaponry. Foxhound has even had the chance to travel around the country designing city-wide spy games for our clients. It’s all been a dream come true and I feel like the worlds luckiest man to have been able to do this! Let’s do 10 more!

—Shannon (The Chief)