Say “Hello” to our little agency!

It’s been about 3 weeks since everything went into world-wide lock down and our outdoor spy games here in San Francisco went into hibernation. We immediately went into our game lab to try to create a new spy adventure that could be played while maintaining our quarantine rules. As we looked at our options, it was clear that everyone was going to be spending lots of time with their kids and it felt exciting to try to make something for our little ones, most of which are in grade school. So we created a new division of Foxhound called St. Francis Spy Agency and began working on games for kids aged 5-11, who are stuck in quarantine.

Starting out, we knew that we wanted to use the real world as a backdrop for the new missions and we also loved the idea of challenging kids to use their imaginations & observational skills. What we came up with is something that involves all those elements as well as getting the parents involved to lead the adventure.

Testing missions with The Chief is a somber affair.

We quickly wrote up several rough missions that relied on the parents to drive around town and the kids to perform their mission duties, such as surveillance, photography, cryptography, and sketch artistry. To add a bit of drama to the narrative, we made up a fictional enemy that the kids are spying against. We call them Agents of Blando, which is taken from a quote about St. Francis being an enemy of mediocrity.

The result of the last several weeks of beta testing, with kids & families all over the US, is our first set of missions.  We are calling this first set of seven missions, Operation Crown. They are designed to be played daily, inside the car, driving around town, for about an hour.

Our hope is that we can help parents & kids make this time of daily monotony and fear into something full of adventure & excitement…and maybe inspire some junior spies!

You can download your copy of Operation Crown here or get more info and read reviews on our St. Francis Spy Agency Facebook page.

Stay safe and hope!