R&D thrives in Lockdown!

Even though times are tough right now, its also a time to try new things and expand your skills & horizons. Go ahead and try something that you haven’t done before!

So, taking our own advice, Foxhound is trying a few new things to keep our Jericho community here in SF active and engaged.

Meetups are a huge part of what we do. We have over 1300 people that are a part of our monthly meetup and even though we might only see 20-30 of them on any given month, that meetup group is what we affectionately refer to as our “biggest fans”. So, we are trying two things in the next week to help keep the group alive & well.

First thing is a Quarantine Edition of our semi regular Jericho R&R at the movies. Normally this is a night out to go catch a spy movie with the crew that we stalk the streets with. Since that cant happen, we’re going to all watch the same movie (Atomic Blonde) at the same time and hang out together on Zoom afterwards. Added benefit… the candy is cheaper at home! More info here.


Second thing we are trying out is a game within a game. About two years ago, I found a group of Brits on YouTube that regularly played a sort of “hound & hunters” game in the video game world of Grand Theft Auto. In case you are unfamiliar, GTA has a huge online city (Los Santos) populated with tons of A.I. characters, a police force, shops to visit, and hijinks to be had. I had an idea to use that same online city to play a game of Jericho inside it. The world is easily big enough for us and we can have up to 16 people join at one time. I found out that you can take photos, and do physical pickups, especially cars, so we could perform pickups. Drop-offs are just like always… get the courier to a certain point alive. If you are interested in playing Jericho in a fictional city, more details are here!

Finally, If you haven’t heard about our other big news, last month, we started a new division for kids and families looking for quarantine safe spy adventures. We call it St. Francis Spy Agency. The first week-long set of hourly missions, called Operation Crown, is available for download. If you are looking for a great gift for a grade school kid locked indoors all day, this is it!


Stay Safe & Stay Hopeful,