All new stories of espionage!

1st Operation Rendition!We subscribe to the, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” way of doing things around here probably a bit too much. However, since February, we have exciting changes happening, so I figured I’d highlight the biggest ones.

1st Operation Bishop!

When we first started playing Jericho back in 2010, we only had one set of missions called Operation Rendition. It was designed for the daytime and hit a lot of the classic San Francisco tourist spots like Coit tower, Chinatown, and Lombard street. After playing this every weekend for 2 years, we introduced a night game called Operation Bishop (on Wednesday nights for some reason). Bishop was a really fun way to play Jericho because the city takes on a totally different persona at night…that and I was dying to incorporate night vision gadgets into the missions. We added a third game for Sundays three years ago called Kingfisher, which got to explore a different part of the city, because San Francisco is too big for just a single set of 1st Operation Kingfishermissions. Yet I yearned to do more!

I wanted us to run more Operations, but designing a Jericho game for laser tag guns is a time consuming proposition. The scouting and testing needs to be meticulous, if you want  the missions to be balanced, fun, etc. Compared to this, making a Nerf gun style Jericho game is child’s play, we practically do that in our sleep! So, we’ve been cranking away on replacements for the three legacy Operations for the past 8 months.

Back in February, we introduced a new Saturday Operation called Mayday to replace Rendition.  It visits completely new locations in already familiar neighborhoods from Rendition, and in reverse. In April we debuted Operation Kiel,DSCN3757 our newest set of Friday night missions to replace Bishop, which also flips the old locations & neighborhoods on their head. To conclude the triad, we finished up the final jewel, which we call Operation Black Honor. It is run exclusively on Sunday afternoons and will be replacing Kingfisher. It starts in a new area of the city that we have never used before and ends in a new location of a neighborhood that we have barely explored. Along the way, you’ll see familiar landmarks in well-traveled neighborhoods. With Black Honor Mission #1 pickup Bcompleted and rolled out, the task of making new three new sets of amazing stories is set to commence, all we need is you!

If you want to know more specifics, come on out and experience Operation Black Honor (or Kiel, or Mayday!) for yourself…and bring 5 friends!



—The Chief