Fresh, Hot, Lasers Delivered to You!


Covid quarantine really has made us consider how we do what we do and explore different ways that we can serve local customers. Since we can’t organize spy games out in the real world right now, we’ve had to find other ways to flex our muscles. For example, we’ve been hosting free Jericho games online inside GTA Online on a regular basis and we also released a whole line of T-shirts that mash-up famous war paintings with Nerf weaponry.

Delivering Laser Tag around the bay

The newest way we are taking our expertise to the world at large concerns our Laser Tag guns. We’ve played thousands of games with these over the years and while we cant play where we live right now, we might as well let you do it where you are!

So we are announcing  our newest service in the SF Bay Area, door-to-door laser tag gun rentals. Our initial delivery area will be SF+peninsula, Alameda & Contra Costa Counties, and Santa Clara county. For $350, you’ll get 12 fully charged guns delivered to your door. We’ll give you a short info dump to explain how they are used and then let you get to it. When you are done, we’ll pick them up! No mess, no hassles.  Each gun will arrive disinfected and sealed in a pouch for player protection.

Laser Tag is a great non-contact, insanely fun activity you can play with family and close friends around the house/yard, down the block at the park, or in the woods behind your garage, all while keeping safe during quarantine and getting some outdoor exercise!

We hope we can make the transition back to Urban Laser tag in the coming months, but in the meantime, we’ll commit to making your next event a blast! For more info or to schedule a time, check out our calendar here.


Stay Safe, Stay Hopeful