Foxhound plus Niantic equals … digital espionage!

Greetings agents!

I wanted to take a moment to announce an amazing partnership that is going to result in Foxhound taking our real-

Patch me through to HQ!

world spy gaming expertise literally around the globe in the next year.

We’ve teamed up with Niantic Labs, makers of the mobile game that has literally conquered the globe, Ingress (and a lesser known mobile game called Pokémon Go, you’ve probably never heard of it 😊) to design real world spy missions to accompany their Ingress Anomaly gatherings. Teams of Ingress players will get a chance to become spies for a few hours and conduct Intelligence Gathering Operations (Intel Ops) that will contribute to the overall story that will be told all weekend at the Anomaly. The first Intel Op is happening in San Diego in July and the next will be in Philadelphia in August. More cities will be announced next Fall.

We are super excited to get this chance to take our skills out of SF and help regular folks everywhere become spies for a night!

Check out the next Anomaly (Cassandra Prime) in July.


Hope to see you out there!


—The Chief