Can you hear me now?

I’ve been wanting to make communication a bit more covert ever since we started last year, but haven’t really been able to do the research that was needed to find the right equipment to compliment the walkie talkies that we use for Jericho San Francisco.

We initially bought some 2-wire surveillance rigs. You know the one’s I’m talking about. You’ve seen them in the movies and TV on secret service agents. They have the clear coily ear-bud and the microphone in the sleeve that is activated by a push button on the mic. We bought some cheap lookalikes at first with the rest of the new equipment, but quickly found that you get what you pay for. They kept on shorting out, or wouldn’t work when you needed them to. Our beta testers eventually just unplugged them and used the walkie talkies standalone. These low-priced 2-wires were also a bit hard to wear, since people didn’t always wear appropriate clothing to put the clips and wires that needed to be mounted in the right places. A 2-wire system is ideally suited to someone who wears a long-sleeved jacket, which just is ridiculous in San Francisco in August. So we have been using just walkie talkies for the last 9 months and it has been ok, but we definitely needed a simple surveillance solution. I finally had some time to take a 2nd look at the problem  with the following criteria for any wired earbud & mic combo.

  1. simple to use.
  2. simple to wear
  3. simple to clean
  4. reliable and durable

I tried a few things that I was wondering about, and found out that they don’t work, at all. BTW, in case you’re wondering, cell phone headphones with a mic don’t work. Not sure why. I tried several and nothing worked. go figure.

I eventually found a simple over the ear mic & earphone combo with a push-to-talk button. I tried a sample with my Motorola GMRS walkie talkies and and was instantly sold. I bought 10 of them and will be adding them to the next Adventure. I’m pretty sure these are gonna add another level of believability to the spy facade that we try to build up for everyone. They look great and fit pretty well. They aren’t for every Spy, but for our customers, they should do the trick.

Obviously our customers put our equipment through the wringer and push the durability of each item to the limit, but I’m pretty confident that these are gonna be a great addition that holds up. Only time will tell.

clunky, super obvious communicator

the stylish new earbuds for communicating with the team













Happy Spying everyone!