Are you ready for Operation Bishop?

The blue suitcase is ready!


The last 15 months have been super exciting and productive as we have introduced Jericho SF: Operation Rendition to the world. We’ve had hundreds of eager adventure lovers join us as they tried to complete missions to find the Cuban mole, eliminate the competition, and write their own stories of drama and excitement.

If there was one question that we’ve heard our fair share of over the last year, it was something like, ” This is great! Do you do have any other missions or operations?”. Our usual answer was, “We don’t have any other missions, but this game is different every time you play it.” While this was technically true, we knew that our customers were really dropping us a subtle hint about wanting a reason to come back. From the very beginning, we also had been itching to have more than one operation for people to choose from, so it was really great to hear this question from our customers. Today, we’re happy to announce that our answer to that question will now be, “YES!”

Starting Wednesday August 22nd, our newest Jericho adventure, Operation Bishop will push you to the edge of your seat as you once again offer your services to the MSS or DI for a nail biting operation to recover a device called Whistler. The first thing you should know about Operation Bishop is that it’s a night game. Yeah, you heard that right. Jericho. At. Night. How awesome is that? And we’re embracing the night with missions and spy gadgets that come alive when the sun goes down. The location is also different because it’s set completely in downtown. Not as many tourists, but plenty of folks on their way home or out for a night on the town. We also are putting in side missions so you’ll have options on how to complete your missions. Will you try for the side mission or will you focus on the main objective? The choice will be yours!

There is so much more that we want to tell you about, but we don’t want to give too much away before you experience it for yourself. All we can say is that Bishop is the result of all the feedback we’ve received from hundreds of customers over the last year and we think you’re gonna be changed forever after you get a chance to work for the Cubans or Chinese again in one more epic conflagration on the streets of San Francisco.

We’re looking forward to spying with you soon!