A Spies Guide to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

Fishermans WharfThe last time you heard from me, I was introducing you to the spy’s side of Chinatown in San Francisco. I hope you used everything contained in that document!

This installment, we’ll be helping you to get acquainted with Fisherman’s Wharf and how your mission can be helped along with a little know-how of our local assets. Pay attention & stay alive!

Covert Meeting Spot – Fisherman’s Wharf is chock full of crowded meeting spots to have a rendezvous with your handler. From the Ghirardelli Square ice cream bar to Boudin Bakery to Hard Rock Cafe, there is no shortage of un-buggable meeting spots that let you get lost in the crowds. The downside of meeting someone in a crowded place is that you can never be certain that an enemy surveillance team isn’t also hiding in plain sight as well. For those times when you want to find a private spot with nobody to watch you, grab a ticket to the USS Pampanito, which is an old WWII submarine on Pier 45. Sit down in the galley & talk while audio tourists swirl around you.

Surveillance gear & weapons– When Q branch can’t get your back, you’ll have to improvise & acquire your gear in the field. The best place for both surveillance equipment and airsoft training weapons, head on over to The International Spy Shop. They have some great gear, if you have that Universal Import Export AmEx black card.

Transportation – If you are trying to procure transportation that fits your tourist cover, check out the numerous bike rental shops like Bike-n-Roll or grab a motorized Go-Car. For best crowd navigation though, on foot is the best way to go.

When Q branch can’t get your back, you’ll have to improvise & acquire your gear in the field.

Disguises – While in Fisherman’s wharf, there are only two disguises that will help you drop off the radar, Tourist & Homeless. Homeless is hard to do on-the-fly, unless you want to lie around on the ground a lot, so avoid that one & go Tourist. There are a couple dozen clothing shops in this part of town that sell cheap t-shirts & hoodies with I [HEART] SF-esk logos that all tourists love to wear. Put one on, walk a bit slower, & melt into the background!

After-Action Dining – Any of the aforementioned restaurants are great for grabbing a taste of the SF waterfront, but if you want the best sourdough in the city, Boudin is your spot. For a less crowded, locals-only spot, go south a few blocks into North Beach to Pat’s Café (briefly featured in Tom Clancy’s spy thriller, Dead or Alive) and grab a hot pastrami.

Of course none of this matters unless you have a mission to give form to all this great substance, that’s why we here at Foxhound Urban Adventures have created Jericho – the urban spy game. We want to see you living a spy’s adventure filled life for a few hours in the most beautiful city on earth and have innumerable stories to tell when you are done.

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—The Chief