Becoming a Jericho ghost

2012-08-01 21.02.41During any normal game of Jericho, there is an advanced tactic that is employed with great effectiveness against even the most veteran of players with relatively little effort. I’m talking of course about disguises.
The right disguise helps an agent to get past the enemy into places that normally wouldn’t be accessible without a huge firefight, lots of ammo, & lots of agents. I’ve personally had enemy agents walk right past me to win a mission without even a shot being fired. I’ve also used disguises to get close enough to enemy agents to perform the BANG-kill to their face. There were also bad disguises, like the guy who bought a dress & a bamboo hat in Chinatown but was walking through North Beach (lots of tourists & couples out on a date). Suffice it to say, I’ve seen bad disguises & I’ve seen good ones in the last few years. A few thoughts for each.The goal of a disguise is to cause you to be ignored by an enemy who is looking for you.

  • Good disguises fit in with the surroundings while bad disguises look out of place. Since we play all over San Francisco, in all sorts of different neighborhoods, we have to look right for the neighborhood. Downtown, there are lots of business people. In the Marina, there are lots of hipsters & baby boomers. In The Mission, homeless & Latinos. Dressing out of place for the wrong neighborhood will cause the enemy to notice you. The goal of a disguise is to cause you to be ignored by an enemy who is looking for you.
  • Good disguises are used properly while bad ones aren’t used correctly. There is a saying in the intelligence business, “Live your cover”. If you have a homeless disguise on, you have to act crazy & drugged out! If you are playing the part of a tourist, take lots of pictures! Just looking the part doesn’t count. You have to act the part or you’ll be spotted for sure.
  • Good disguises are easy to use while bad ones are hard to use. The classic example of this is the player who is riding around on their bicycle and trying to engage the enemy, but they don’t have any good way of shooting while riding. They die quickly because they aren’t agile enough to evade enemy fire. This is in contrast to putting on a baseball hat & jacket to change your appearance. It’s easy to keep your awareness up and engage with the enemy while in a different disguise.

There are a few more things that I’ll cover next time but, let me leave on a high note about hiding in plain sight. Hiding in plain sight needs to be done as high profile as possible. This is a disguise so outrageous that nobody on the enemy team would ever guess you are a player. I’ve only been able to do this once or twice, like the time I found an abandoned shopping cart and pretended to be a crazy homeless guy. It can’t be subtle; you’ve got to go all out.
Next up, I’ll be doing part 2, where I talk more about disguises, including wigs & beards and medical devices/conditions.

—The Chief