Get ready for Kingfisher!

Greetings fellow agents!

It’s been a while since we communicated with you; hopefully you’ve been keeping up with your training regimen and are still at the top of your game!

The last time we spoke, we promised to be in touch if we ever needed your services again.

That time is now.

Your finely honed espionage skills are needed as you take up your satchel once again and serve your former employer. Your new assignment is code named Operation Kingfisher.

The mission: to provoke a war between our old nemesis and a third country that has begun to supply them with technology that will devastate our intelligence gathering abilities.

The location: San Francisco’s waterfront district (Starting near Aquatic Park & ending near Cupids Bow).


All your spy craft will be needed to foil the enemy agents who are already at work on their dastardly plot. As you brush up on your evasion, deception, & reconnaissance techniques, be sure to add GPS navigation, and cryptography to your toolbox. This Op is going to push you to the limit!

Meanwhile at Foxhound HQ, we have been so excited about this newest Jericho operation because even before we premiered Operation Bishop last year, we were working on Operation Kingfisher. So much has gone into the tone and dynamics (& new fangled gadgets) of this operation that we’re sure you’ll love it (Even if you’re eliminated, you’ll still enjoy the scenery on the way to the drop-off!)!

Jericho San Francisco: Operation Kingfisher will be debuting on November 3rd (That’s right, just 2 short weeks away!) and will run every Sunday thereafter. Kingfisher will also be available for private parties of 10-12 agents during the week.

We’re also making some exciting adjustments to our schedule!

Starting December 1st, all weekend start times will be pushed back to later in the day. Saturday adventures will now start at noon and Sunday adventures will start at 2pm. These changes will allow us to finally move Operation Bishop from Wednesday nights to Friday nights, so you can start the weekend off with a bang (or zap)!

Our new schedule will now look like this:

·       Fridays @ 7pm – Operation Bishop

·       Saturdays @ Noon – Operation Rendition

·       Sundays @ 2pm – Operation Kingfisher

With a lineup like this, aren’t you just itching to

fill the whole weekend with Jericho?

We’re looking forward to spying with you soon!