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Our spy adventures are perfect for a variety of occasions, ranging from bachelor parties to corporate events to preparing for the release of the new James Bond film.

From those who’ve accepted the challenge

Amazingly fun and a great way to check out the city! …This is definitely a GREAT way to try out something different/new in San Francisco.
Curtis, Past Adventurer,
If I could give 6 stars – I would have! This was an amazing adventure: fun, interactive, unexpected – like never you’ve done before.
Nina, Past Adventurer,

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Operation Rendition

Rush against the clock and the enemy to find a mole hidden somewhere in the city! Operation Rendition is the story of two countries (China & Cuba) that battle for the fate of a mole that needs to get out of the country, fast. They’ve hired independent contract agents (you) to help them get the information they need to accomplish this mission.

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Operation Bishop

Get ready for a night of chases, intrigue and espionage as you and your team try to procure the most dangerous device San Francisco has ever held! Operation Bishop is the story of a stolen code breaking device that our two old rivals (China vs. Cuba) are fighting to retrieve on the darkened streets of San Francisco. All your skills as an agent will be tested as you battle in our first set of night missions!

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Operation Kingfisher

Prepare for four hours of adrenaline soaked excitement as you and your team journey throughout the city in an attempt to draw two countries into all out war! Operation Kingfisher puts you right back into the old rivalry between Cuba & China, as one team tries to start a war that will fracture relations with a third country while the other team tries to avert that war at all cost.

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